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Poster: PDGazette2 Date: Dec 6, 2016 7:10am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Kirk Douglas OTR - a list of shows for his 100th birthday.

Friday, Douglas turns 100. Turner Classic Movies (for some reason) is not celebrating with their usual birthday tribute, so y'all might want to listen to these instead via Internet Archive's OTR collections. I recommend the Lux Theatre version of Detective Story as the best of the lot; there's also a version in the Best Plays section. Source is RadioGoldIndex.

Suspense. April 10, 1947. CBS net. "Community Property". Sponsored by: Roma Wines. A man with a huge inheritance and a bad case of greed decides to kill his wife so that he can keep it all. Kirk Douglas, Cathy Lewis

Suspense. October 2, 1947. CBS net. "The Story Of Markham's Death". Sponsored by: Cresta Blanca Wines. A has-been writer discovers a lost manuscript by Edgar Allan Poe and creates a new form of mystery novel. Kirk Douglas

Suspense. February 9, 1950. CBS net. "The Butcher's Wife". Sponsored by: Auto-Lite. A clerk in a supermarket plays around with the wife of the big strong butcher. Kirk Douglas.

Academy Award Theatre. September 25, 1946. CBS net. "Guest In The House". Sponsored by: Squibb. A neurotic disrupts the happy home life of her doctor's family. Joan Lorring, Anita Louise, Kirk Douglas.

Family Theatre. March 18, 1948. Mutual net. "Talent For Living". Sustaining. A working guy becomes engaged to a wealthy decorator. A visit to the groom's family exposes big differences between the two. Danny Thomas (host), Kirk Douglas, Diana Douglas (his wife).

The Camel Screen Guild Theatre. October 13, 1949. NBC net. "Champion". Sponsored by: Camels. The classy story of the ring and one man's fight to the top. Kirk Douglas, Elliott Lewis

The Lux Radio Theatre. April 26, 1954. CBS net. "Detective Story". Sponsored by: Lux. A driven New York detective cares only catching the bad guys, with no life of his own. The story is based on the 1951 Paramount movie. Kirk Douglas, Eleanor Parker

\\\\\\\\ This you'll have to hunt up, I don't think it's on IA OTR:
The Mike Wallace Interview. November 2, 1957. ABC-TV net, audio and B/W video. Sponsored by: Parliament Cigarettes. An interview with Kirk Douglas, who has recently starred in, "Paths Of Glory"